The Casa Amarela Providência is located at the top of the oldest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Morro da Providência. Casa Amarela was created to promote cultural, social, and educational actions directed towards the communities in which art projects have taken place. By their very nature, art projects are often ephemeral. However their impact can have long lasting effects within the communities, not only by the questions that they raise and the attention that they bring to specific problems, but also through more concrete projects that involve the local people. 

We organize daily cultural activities for children and adults, ranging from art workshop to capoeira to cooking to English classes.

Casa Amarela (the "Yellow House") was established in 2009, by French artist JR with the support of Mauricio Hora, the photographer and historian of Morro da Providência, after the "Women Are Heroes" project, which covered the side of the hill with faces of local women.

Casa Amarela is a cultural center for the inhabitants of the hill, a space where children and people from the favela can come to draw, paint, design, take photos, sculpt, create, learn and exchange with visitors. Artists from Rio, Brazil and the world are invited to Casa Amarela, to exchange with locals, teach their art and learn from the place.

Casa Amarela is here to help every person from Providência to reach the moon.


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The team in front of Casa Amarela in March 2016.

The team in front of Casa Amarela in March 2016.